Pet: $100

Wool: $175

Show: $225

Pet: $75

Wool: $150

Show: $175


I keep waiting lists, especially for show quality rabbits and specific colors. Please contact me as soon as you can so that I can match you with the rabbit that most fits your needs. Email at tangledyarnfarms@gmail.com works best, or text or call (520)216-8767.  

I evaluate my rabbits at 6 weeks, 8 weeks and then 12 weeks. I may place pets and "woolers" at 8 weeks of age, but show prospects I choose to keep until at least 12 weeks of age, to get the most accurate evaluation for myself. I evaluate my breeding stock through my own experience and knowledge and through ARBA Standard of Perfection and judge critiques based on the same. Health, Temperament, Wool, Conformation and the New Owner's knowledge base is all very important to me. 

I will provide a lifetime support system for the rabbits I breed and sell.  I will also provide Angora owners with a New Owner's handbook. I wrote this myself and you can request a copy at any time and I will send it to you digitally.

If you would like to meet me and my rabbits, watch the ARBA show schedule and our showing plans, or arrange a time to visit my home. My rabbitry is "closed", and I do not allow visitors into my rabbit space as a part of my biosecurity measures, however I will bring rabbits out to a meet and greet space at my home. You will be asked to disinfect your hands and shoes as part of those same biosecurity measures.


A deposit is required to hold a specific rabbit, or a "to be determined" rabbit from a litter now or in the future. Deposits are non-refundable.

Deposit can be made by Paypal, Venmo or Zelle. I can also take a credit card with Square, just request an invoice. Zelle phone number is (520)216-8767. Venmo is @Julie-Drogsvold. Paypal is capitol66@gmail.com

Deposit is a minimum of $25 US, non-refundable. Please email, text or call if I have not acknowledged your deposit within 12 hrs. Once I have confirmed a deposit you will receive the tattoo information for your rabbit. This will identify your rabbit. Keep it for your records. 


RHDv2 is a deadly, highly contagious rabbit disease. HERE is some information provided by ARBA. It is rigorously updated and holds a wealth of information about RHD. 

An RHD vaccine is available in the state of Arizona purchased through MedGene of South Dakota. Inquire with your veterinarian for availability.


I organize rabbits into the following classes for sale:

Pet quality: This rabbit will not have a registerable pedigree. For some reason the rabbit is considered unworthy of breeding and showing, however will still make a good pet. This typically means that the coat is lacking, and will not make a good show or fiber animal.

Wool quality: This rabbit may or may not have a registerable pedigree, but will be deemed at time of sale to have a good quality coat, and expected to continue to produce fiber. This rabbit could be shown, but may not be the best representation of the breed.

Show quality: This rabbit will have a pedigree, and be able to be registered with ARBA. The animal, in my opinion, will be competitive in shows, and is a good representation of it's breed.