Animal Sales Policy

Sales Policy

Any animal sold for any reason is guaranteed to be healthy, sound and well groomed or sheared, to the best of my abilities, at the time it leaves my possession. The transition to a new owner, new home, and especially transport there are circumstances beyond my control. Due to these variables, I do not offer aguarantee. Purchase at your own risk. I am happy to provide references of past buyers if you wish.

I do offer lifetime support for every animal that I have produced, even if you are not the orignal purchaser. I am available by phone (call or text) as well as email. 

Transport is the responsibility of the buyer. This includes either you picking up an animal from my ranch or the use of a ground or air transport. Transport fees are not included in the price of the animal. I will work with you on transport, but additional fees may be necessary. The amount of time I am willing to hold an animal waiting for transport is limited. 

Pets and woolers are sold without pedigree, no exceptions.

I do not guarantee the success of show quality animals. By classifying an animal as show quality I am promising it to be free of disqualifications and have body and/or wool/mohair that I feel would do well in competition. This is my opinion only. If a disqualification is found, that was present at the time of sale, a replacement animal will be offered.

I will not, under any circumstance sell an animal to anyone under the age of 17 without direct parental permission and presence of a parent at the time of pick up..

No holds without deposit. This means that if you and I are discussing an animal and someone else sends a deposit before you, that animal is no longer available to you as the prospective buyer. Deposits are NON refundable but are transeferable. 

If you the buyer, at any time decide to sell, give away or re-home a rabbit purchased from me, please let me know. Animals free from disease are always welcome back to the ranch.

**By purchasing an animal from me, you automatically agree to these requirements.**

-in effect, November 14th, 2022