THE ANGORA RABBIT : Bunnies to Blankets                  6 hours

Everything you have ever wanted to know about the Angora rabbit and then a little bit more. This presentation covers the rabbit itself, grooming, nutrition, and husbandry. It also delves into the fiber on the rabbit. Meet Angora from a few different breeds and be able to feel the fiber. Participants will learn about fiber, the different fiber grades, and how each method of gathering angora affects the rabbit and the next coat of angora. 

SPINNING ANGORA FOR BEGINNERS                       6 hours

An introduction to the Angora rabbit with Angora rabbits included. Participants will be able to meet an Angora and feel its fiber. They will also learn about how the fiber is removed from the rabbit and how it is spun from the cloud.

SPINNING ANGORA FOR INTERMEDIATE SPINNERS                                        Available as a 1 or 2 day workshop

Angora rabbit fiber, called angora, can be spun directly from the source, from the cloud or carded and blended. Participants will be able to meet some of these rabbits and see and experience the fiber from animal, through spinning preparation and then spun into yarn. Blending will also be covered, as well as plying techniques to bring out the best from your handspun.

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