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Me - Julie Drogsvold (Aug 2022)


I've been raising rabbits for almost thirty years and I have always found them to be fascinating. However, over a decade ago I welcomed an English Angora into the fold and "Puchi" changed my life, and I fell in love with the Angora rabbit.

Then, a chance encounter, propelled my life down the proverbial rabbit hole.

A Fiber Guild in town was offering a beginning spinning class. As the angora continued to pile around me at home, I thought maybe spinning was something I would like to learn. My instructor that day opened up the most wonderful world to me, and I have pursued my craft eagerly ever since.

And the woman that has continued to share her knowledge with me over the years, is the internationally known and lauded, Joan Ruane

With her mentorship I began teaching spinning, first angora, and then cotton. 

Now I have the wonderful opportunity to share my experience and knowledge of the Angora rabbit and the cotton plant with others. I hope to see you at a workshop or lecture soon.

My chickens love the cotton. In the warm summer days they love to rest in it's shade, and they are surprisingly friendly to the bolls, and the one or two bolls they do peck at I give to them, as payment for all the bug and pest patrol they did during the growing season. (Sierra Vista, Sep 2022)

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Spinning Demonstration (Sierra Vista, May 2016)

Teaching a hand spinning class at a Bisbee Fiber Festival (Bisbee, July 2017)

Julie Drogsvold and Joan Ruane (l-r), (Tucson, Nov 2022)

Spinning Cotton (Tucson, Nov 2022)

Every year I exhibit Angora at the Arizona State Fair. Storm was a hit. (Phoenix, Sept 2022)

No matter where I am, there is likely an animal nearby. Here a hen looks over my shoulder as I groom an Angora rabbit. (Sierra Vista, July 2022)

My daughter, me and one of our ranch dogs, Spicy. (Sierra Vista, July 2022)

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Apollinated flower, and some ripening bolls in this lovely picture of growing cotton. (Sierra Vista, July 2022)

Cotton flowers are so perfect and beautiful. This flower is waiting for a pollinator. (Sierra Vista, Aug 2022)

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